2012 Daphnes’ Full Review

I had to see it, I had to.  I’ve been obsessed with 2012 and the Mayan Calendar for over a year now.  It’s such a good mystery.  Hollywood gave it delicious pictures with hero Jon Cusack! Mr. Cusack performed like a full-on Movie-Star.  2012 is a glorious effects movie. 

This is story about a family who runs away from Armageddon in a limousine, an RV and a ratty old 4-seater plane, that somehow survived the chaos that killed the pilot and off we go to Hollywood’s version of the end of the world.  There is a blatant ad by Bentley. There are many instances in this movie that are completely beyond belief that it turns around to ridiculous, at least six times.  There are tongue-in-cheek moments, such as giving a certain actor a bit part playing the Governor of California.  It reminded me of Day After Tomorrow, but more massive, it’s the entire world. 

My favorite line was “When they say don’t panic, it’s time to run.”  Not deep, not good, but the effects are amazing and did I mention Jon Cusack?


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