DNC Report from the street 7

DNC Report from the street 7

All of my technological equipment can sense fear. This is why I was not able to get one single picture at Invesco Field last night.

I had been sitting around all day thinking about my sore feet and tired body from running around constantly for the past 6 days and feeling self righteously bad about myself. I woke up late, I ate lunch, I did a few dishes, and I looked at the heap in my office that was a beautiful booth the day before and wondered if there was any chance to get a ticket for Invesco. I really wanted to go. The purpose of my blog is to cover both sides of this situation. What good is it if I can’t get into that? I had no hope and needed change. (=

At 3:15 a friend called to tell me that he had 2 tickets he wouldn’t be using and would I want them. I was too depressed to try and drive the 30 miles back and forth to his house in the midst of the lock-down of Denver and said, “No, but thank you for thinking of me.” I couldn’t believe it when I heard my self say that. I slumped back into position.

At 3:30 a friend called who got 2 tickets from a table she worked at the Brown Palace. She said, “What are you doing right now this minute?” “Writing my blog” I said. “Well, get dressed and come down here we’re going to see Obama.” She said. That, I could do! All I had to do was to hop on the bus and I’m there in 20 minutes. Which is exactly what happened. By the time I got to The Brown, my friend had left. Leaving my ticket with the door guy. At first I was so pissed off I’m sure the guys thought I was going to pass out. But then I thought this is fine. I know she is totally excited about Barrack Obama and the busses were infrequent enough to want to get your ass there as quickly as possible. I’ve known this girl for about 20 years. I knew what was going on.

This ticket also served as a bus pass. I got a luxury ride on a Coach that had AC and only about 10 people on it. They had to be media, they were beautiful people and chatty about all the political seasons major events. They were funny too. I took the opportunity to relax and enjoy the cool air and the most unusual tour of Denver. The north/west-end of Denver has developed into a hip-urban playground for grown ups who have dogs and children. Again today the weather was perfect.

Denver has been compared to the city of Oz, as in, The Wizard of… and if you come down 6th Avenue from the West at Sunset, you have to blink to get that image of your mind. (How Oompa Loopma does Hickenlooper sound?) With this convention here it has actually become OZ, complete with SURRENDER signs in the air and the man behind the curtain. If only I had a brain, a heart, the nerve.

We wound and wound around the yellow brick road to Invesco Field at Mile High. I have never been there before. Did you know that that stadium opened on September 10, 2001? Humph. My Media friends and me got off and got to the gate and joined the crowd. We were led into a big tent where security was. It was just like the airport except more efficient and professional. They were checking every thing in every bag, through the walk-through sensor and a wand. I got to keep my shoes on. In the gate. They arranged to have East High School Drum Corps greet us. That was awesome. I looked around and watched the protesters across the street put up their strategically placed, “No War On Iran” signs and went inside.

Of course, it was madness, that’s the theme of the week. I decided to get a sandwich, hit the bathroom and find my seat. I went to my section, which was marked as first level on the 50-yard line, in front of the stage. Wow. Cool. This is going to be fun. Nope. No seats there. With a history in ticketing I understand what a nightmare this had to be to get people in seats on time. I was really patient through the first three turn aways and the really rude “No’s!” I got from the people I asked if there was an extra seat around. So, I went upstairs, this is when I realized how truly tired I was and wanted to cry. I got to two more sections on the 3rd level and just wanted to sit in the hall at that point. I finally got a seat. 6th time’s a charm. I heard Sheryl Crow as I was searching for my place in the world, and after I sat down, I heard Stevie Wonder tell me, “I love you.” I sat and watched the spectacle. I missed Bill Richardson except to hear him say “Si Se Puede!” and later on Al Gore came on, my favorite line of his was, “I believe in recycling but this is ridiculous” talking about McCain following the Bush Regime Policies. It started to get dark. The lights changed. A short introduction and a few minutes later he walked on down that runway. From my perspective he looked like a stick figure but the big screens gave me details. An earth-quake of enthusiasm ensued!

We all had our blue “CHANGE” signs and our American Flags to wave. I noticed that every single seat from top to bottom was full. Last number was 84,000 were packed into that place and it was loud and fun and crazy. Barrack Obama said, “I accept your nomination.” Oh thank god, I was so worried. You all saw the speech I’m sure, if you didn’t I’m sure it will be broadcast all day long somewhere between John McCain’s news of picking a woman for VP. You gotta give it to McCain for his taste in amazing looking women.

The fireworks were fun, the streamers flew out and Joe Biden and Wife came out as well as Michelle and the girls. The crowd went wild. They screamed constantly for at least 5 minutes. More fireworks, more and more streamers and that was it. Get out.

The march out of the stadium was tedious and dark and long. Remember, not one person drove to the stadium. I was supposed to find Parking Lot A to get back on my cushy coach ride, but that was impossible. I had to go with the hoards of people and was swept away to the light rail. A little girl about 6 years old offered me a ticket for the train. Her Mom told me that it was an extra. Wow, a free train ticket from a child. How lucky am I? Although I think the idea was to get people out and am not sure if RTD was charging or not. That got me to the 16th Street Mall where I went back to The Brown Palace and got a cab. The driver was Afghani and told me about the wedding that got attacked and how horrible it was.

The DNC is officially over. Two very large military helicopters just flew over my house. Peace, Love and Justice for all.

P.S. My last blog will be all pictures that I haven’t been able to send before.


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