DNC Report from the street 6

Report from the street 6

I’ve spent all my spare time this week on scraping together what I can to create a beautiful booth at a Delegate party. I was invited to be a part of this as they are “featuring” green businesses from the community. Supposedly Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore are going to be there and will be speaking. Two of those people I actually like. I think you must know by now that I can’t stand her! Impeach already, dang.

Pepsi CO is putting on the delegate party. The guests will be enjoying Pepsi and Frito Lay’s at this glorious event of 3000 people. Colorado Green Weddings and Events is my company. It was born in 2006. The tag line for it is: “We plan it for the planet!” I am creating an educational booth on what elements make green events. They are all in one of three categories: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The colors are deep brown, tan, maroon and grass green. I’m going to have a 20’ x 20’ square space indicated by 4 –9’ tall cotton wood trees, some potted ornamental grass and shrubbery – all locally grown – thank you Steve Rozic at Welby Gardens. I will have a gorgeous place setting with little notes with “Green Tips” for your event. There will be a turf/grass floor and a giant banner – 7’ x 5’ of a postcard that I use for promotions.

The Green Challenge Tava event is from 1-3:30 pm and hopefully it will be a load of fun. I was asked to give away 5 prizes. I am giving away a DNC/DENVER survival kit. It is a biodegradable, 100 USA made, coffee cup with a small natural lotion and toner in it. I would want this prize if I just came into town. Denver is dry and the climate is a bit of a challenge for the “low-landers.”

The event was yesterday at the Denver Hyatt, A new and very fancy hotel downtown.

My friend came over at 8 am to help me get loaded up and we get to the Hyatt. Traffic was not a huge problem today, but Denver is looking like New York with all the town cars and cabs everywhere. When we drove by Lincoln Park I noticed that the set up for The Taste of Colorado has begun. The gates are up surrounding the perimeter as it always is for that event. Is this a sign that there will be a life after the DNC?

We got to the hotel, were asked to open the hood and the back and were swept for security. A mirror under the car, some wands looking for something sinister, quick checks on the boxes etc. We are allowed into the loading area. We unload everything on to the dock. I saw my friend who was doing centerpieces and he showed us where we were to go. Thankfully, when we got there, a bunch of kids were volunteering and helped us to move all of our stuff in. Great kids. They were runners and pages from DC – between the ages of 16 – 20, they said they were with the “chairman’s office.” One of them has a future in horticulture. Go ahead Marcus! We put him in charge of arranging the plants so that they are balanced looking. He not only did it; he did a fantastic job. A gift has been discovered in this young man.






The booth looked amazing:

Everyone was ready to go at 1:00 pm, but nobody came. No Gore, no Dean and no Pelosi, for that matter, no DELEGATES! Apparently the delegates had a major schedule change and were shepherded into the Convention Center for a vote. I blame Hillary. Get over it already lady, you lost, fair and square and even though you tried to be nice the other day, nobody believes you. Uh-oh, there goes my ego. This party was a flop, but I can’t really blame Mrs. Rodham Clinton for it.

There were a few people that wandered in, I don’t know who they were. The room looked amazing with an ice sculpture, a 5-piece band, chips and cheese buffets, 20 volunteers, cases and cases of the “Tava” drink and no partiers. I was disappointed but my friend Amy and I had fun watching the band and eating cheese and crackers. We gave the DNC Gifts to the band and the organizer. We packed up and got out of there.

We had some time to walk around downtown. It was packed, all of downtown was bustling, elbow to elbow crowds. We did see some anarchists that got stopped by Mounted Robo Cops. That was exciting. The energy here is high. It’s stressful, it’s stimulating, and there is something in the air that I would like to call repressed rage. On the Huffington Post today it was called, “Repressed Hate.” They were talking about Hillary, but I’m talking about all the people who are walking around with signs and fliers who are bursting at the seams about Abortion, Women’s Rights, Freedom of Speech, Civil Liberties, The Economy, Healthcare, Elections, Capitalism, the Two Party system, Health Care, Child Care, Pensions, Housing Crisis and many more.

If I hear one more person say, “First Black President, I’m going to have a cow. Can we please move beyond that and start getting some things done? I will give extra credit to anyone who can tell me what number John McCain would be in the long line of white men who have run for President for the Republican Party? Every issue, every person has something they want to tell you about. Everyone seems so furious and intent on having his or her say. This thing has gone from a party to an intervention. It’s still hilarious to see the tee shirt, cacky pants and flip-flop walkers in the midst of major media, people in suits; almost everyone is wearing a huge credential badge. Everyone is intently reading everything they can or are trying to convince someone of something. Is it because this is the Democratic National Convention? Is it because the population really wants to see change? It’s Obama-Mania. It all ends tonight. Traffic Advisory: Both Colfax and I-25 are closed all day. Good luck getting out of town.

I got a phone call yesterday telling me that the Recreate 68 booth is done and wont be back. The cops, my god the cops. They are now arresting people at their homes. They raided the convergence center. Hey! They weren’t supposed to do that! One person got arrested at home for having “suspicious material in large quantities.” It was vegetable oil that he was using to fuel his Bio diesel school bus. You walk the walk and make a decision to operate your life on an alternative and you get arrested for it. What the f….!? My rage is no longer suppressed.

I suppose the DNC had to happen and I think Denver has done what nobody thought they could. They pulled it off. The city looks sophisticated and except for the police presence from hell, this is actually working.

Random Thoughts:

  • There was a guy selling tee shirts that had a ½ Barack and ½ Hillary face; we called it “Broccoli”
  • I’ve noticed that we’ve been saying “Pepsi” a lot. Does that make Obama Pepsi and McCain Coke?

Things we would not have heard on the street at the 1968 DNC:

“It’s dot com, not dot net.”

My blog

Let me put my blue-tooth in my ear

Live Video Streaming

Free Speech Zone/Amendment Two Zone, Freedom Cage

Recreate 68

War on Terror

Drug War

Partial Birth Abortion.

Stem Cells

Levi’s’ are made in India

Budweiser has been sold to Belgium

CORRECTIONS: It’s “Martial Law” and “it’s for all intent and purpose.” (Former blog)

 Things have changed, and not always for the better. Barack Obama has a tall order ahead of him.

OMG someone just called me with a ticket!  Gotta go.




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